Barnabás Tóth | HUN | 2018 | 16 Min.

Block IV | Samstag 20:10 – 21:55 Uhr

„Lost in Translation“ – das kann den beiden ungarischen Simultanübersetzern so schnell nicht passieren. Während sie anfangs noch souverän die Konferenz über Energielabels von Elektrogeräten übersetzen, kommen sie Wort für Wort auf weitaus reitvollere Themen zu sprechen.


„Lost in Translation“ – this can not happen to the two Hungarian simultaneous translators so quickly. While they are initially translating the conference on energy labels for electrical appliances word for word, they start talking about far more lovely topics.

Barnabás Tóth

Barnabás Tóth

Barnabás Tóth is an independent writer, director and producer since his diploma from Budapest Film School in 2003. In his filmography there are shorts (On a train), animation (Grimm Café), feature (Camembert Rose) and a short documentary film (Hors Pairs).