Louise Bagnall | IRL | 2017 | 9 Min.

Block VI | Sonntag 15:35 – 17:20 Uhr

Eine ältere Frau sitzt in ihrem Sessel im Wohnzimmer. Fast alle Einrichtungsgegenstände befinden sich bereits in Umzugskartons, die ihre Tochter sorgfältig gepackt hat. Die ältere Dame erkennt ihre Tochter jedoch nicht mehr. Immer wieder erinnert sie sich an vergangene Momente aus ihrer Kindheit, Jugend und Ehe.


An elderly woman is sitting in her chair in the living room. Almost all furnishings are already stored in moving boxes that their daughter had packed carefully. The elderly lady does not recognize her daughter anymore. Again and again she remembers past moments from her childhood, youth and marriage.

Louise Bagnall

Louise Bagnall

Louise Bagnall graduated with a B.A. in animation from the National Film School, Ireland. She has directed a number of short films including Colour Contamination, Donkey and Loose Ends. In addition to directing Louise has worked as an animator, character designer and posing artist. She is currently based in Kilkenny and is a creative director at Cartoon Saloon.

Louise’s latest short film ‘Late Afternoon’ has been received extremely well and is already winning awards at international festivals.