Drama | BEL 2007 | 13 Min.
Dir: Jean-Julien Collette & Oliver Tollet

Fathers and Suns (Samstag 20:00 Uhr)

Ein Kammerspiel. Im Inneren eines parkenden Autos sitzen Vater und Sohn und unterhalten sich. Über die Liebe, Sex, die Mutter, den Tod. Die Diskussion wird leidenschaftlicher, aber Fragen bleiben offen. Worauf warten sie? Oder führen sie gar etwas im Schilde?

A chamber play. Inside a parked car, a father and his son sit and talk. About love, sex, the mother, death. The discussion becomes more passionate, but questions remain open. What are they waiting for? Or are they even up to something?

Jean-Julien Collette & Oliver Tollet

Jean-Julien Collette (1978) and Olivier Tollet (1977) met while studying in « INRACI », a cinema school based in Brussels. Sharing the same desire for the cinema, they decided to work together after their studies. They wrote the script for the short film “Who wants Roberto Santini’s guts?” and received in 2003 the subvention from the French Community of Belgium. They received in 2005 another subvention for their short: “Barbara Broadcast”. In 2006, they shoot „E finita la commedia“ and in 2007 „Henri“ (without subventions). These 3 short films are all in black and white with only 2 characters in a single place, they are part of a tryptic based on these 3 „rules“.Olivier Tollet is currently working as a director/editor for BeTv (previously known as Canal+), a pay per view channel in Belgium. Jean-Julien Collette is currently working on various audiovisual projects in Spain.