Drama | ESP 2010 | 15 Min.
Dir: Marina Seresesky

…und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind (Freitag 18:00 Uhr)

Übersetzt bedeutet „El Cortejo“ Trauerzug, aber auch Liebschaft. Wie nah das beisammen liegt, zeigt Capi, ein Totengräber. Liebe und Leid, Anfang und Ende, Lachen und Weinen, all das ist manchmal nur eine Begegnung weit auseinander.


„El Cortejo“ means funeral procession, but also love. Capi, a gravedigger, shows how close this is together. Love and sorrow, beginning and end, laughter and crying, all this is sometimes just an encounter far apart.

Marina Seresesky

Marina Seresesky

MARINA SERESESKY (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 12/20/1969) has recently been awarded for her latest script „The cortége“ with the prize of the second National Short Film Competition „Villa de Coslada“. With her previous work, „L’Ultima opportunità“ she was awarded the Special Prize Short Film Project Competition of the XXI edition of the Film´s Week at Medina del Campo. She has also received the Award for The Best short film shot in Castilla y León Astorga Festival, Best Screenplay and Short Film Festival of Ciudad Real. She currently combines interpretation at Teatro Meridional, with the preproduction of the documentary „MOTHERS, 0.15 A MINUTE“ and preparing the script for her next feature film.