Drama | FRA/USA 2016 | 22 Min.
Dir: Léopold Dewolf

Goodbye, You (Sonntag 20:30 Uhr)

Ein Roadtrip von L.A. nach San Francisco – eine kalifornische Reise und eine europäische Dreiecksbeziehung. Melody, Antoine und Guillaume machen sich gemeinsam auf den Weg, um am Ende getrennte Wege zu gehen.


Two Frenchmen and an American girl set out on a road trip from L.A. to San Francisco. Antoine lusts after his best friend’s girlfriend, Melody — especially once she reveals her plans to break up with Guillaume.
Goodbye, You is the story of three friends who head out on a trip together, but end up seperated.

Léopold Dewolf

Léopold Dewolf

Léopold Dewolf (1991, Paris) studied animation with an emphasis on stop-motion in London and film production in Los Angeles. He has written and directed 19 short films. Goodbye, You is his USC thesis film.