SCI-FI | DEU 2009 | 7 Min.
Dir: Miriam Frank, Georg Utz, Xaver Xylophon

Begehren (Donnerstag 21:30 Uhr)

Geschichten von ersten Begegnungen gibt es zuhauf. Paare lernen sich kennen und mit ein bisschen Glück verlieben sie sich. Liebe haben schließlich alle verdient, richtig? Auch Roboter. Kurzschluss ist eine süße Geschichte darüber, wie auch ein Roboter es schafft sein Herz zu verlieren.


There are numerous stories of people first encounter. Couples meet and with a pinch of luck they fall in love. In the end everyone deserves love, right? Even robots. Kurzschluss tells a cute little story about a robot who manages to lose its heart to someone.

Miriam Frank, Georg Utz, Xaver Xylophon

Miriam Frank
Miriam Frank (*1985) was born and raised in Munich, Germany. While studying design in Augsburg (Master of Arts) she experimented with different media types such as 3D animation, typography and photography. Currently Miriam has a small atelier »Farbenpracht«, along with a friend, in Munich. Frequently you can find her working as a tattoo guest artist in other cities, such as Barcelona, Berlin and Reykjavik.

Georg Utz
Geboren 1981 in Regensburg. 2002 bis 2005 Ausbildung zum Holzbildhauer an der Berufsfachschule für Holzbildhauerei in Berchtesgaden. 2005 bis 2011 Kommunikationsdesign-Studium an der Hochschule Augsburg.

Xaver Xylophon
Xaver Xylophon is a 28 year old freelance animator, illustrator and filmmaker. He studied visual communication at the London College of Communication and the University of the arts Berlin Weißensee. „Roadtrip“ is his graduation film. His work as a freelance animator and director include projects for clients such as the New York Times and the British National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC). Xaver uses the off-time in between commercial projects to develop his own animated short films. He lives and works in Berlin.