Mockumentary | NOR 2016 | 4 Min.
Englische OmdU
Dir: Marc Reisbig

16.10.2020 | 19:00 Uhr

Juan Sebastian Elcano ist ein gestandener Naturfilmer. Er ist spezialisiert auf wilde Tiere. Dieser Film ist die Charakterstudie eines passionierten Künstlers in seinem natürlichen Lebensraum.

Juan Sebastian Elcano is a seasoned nature documentary filmmaker. He specializes in wild animals. This film is a character study of a passionate artist in his natural habitat.

Marc Reisbig

Marc Reisbig

Marc Reisbig is a film and animation director from Oslo, Norway.

His undergraduate studies brought him to London where he received his first degree from Central Saint Martin’s College of Art. He went on to a master’s degree at Royal College of Art. His award-winning graduation film, “Time is Running Out,” was shown at over forty festivals worldwide.

He was the creative director for Google Arts and Culture Youtube Channel that launched in July 2016. The channel celebrates art and culture from around the world. It produces films that showcases our greatest museums, world wonders and explores tech and creativity.

Over the course of his career Marc has made music videos, short films, documentaries and commercials. He has made films for Ikea, United Airlines, Sony Playstation, Barclays, Microsoft, Volkswagen and Citroen.