The next festival will be in 2022. The terms and conditions below are from previous years. For 2022, they may change slightly, but we will update them in time for the festival edition in 2022.

1. Terms and Conditions

We’re really glad you’re interested in submitting your film for our festival. The Konstanzer will have their 16th edition at Lake Constance in October, 2020 (the exact date is not clear yet). Everyone is invited to submit their most current works and projects. The genres can be feature, animation, documentary and experimental.

Films must not exceed a total running time of 30 minutes, credits included. Their date of production must not be earlier than 2017. Films that were already submitted to the in the past are not allowed to participate again.

An impartial and independent jury consisting of directors, authors, television and short film representatives will award the 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize in the category „Best Short Film”. There will also be a special award “Best Loved Short Film”, based on the audience’s votes. All winners will be publicly announced on our homepage

Our festival is organized by unpaid volunteers and is completely non-profit. We won’t charge submission fees nor pay screening fees. The winners of the competition will be awarded with trophies and gifts. There will be no prize money.

For each film entered our online application form needs to be filled in. The application will include a brief synopsis, a short biography and filmography of the director within 300 signs.

2. Technical regulations

We are entirely digital. The previews will work by online-streaming or playing downloaded video files. The festival screenings will work by playing DCP files from our festival computer hard disk. Definitely no other media, such as DVD-Videos, Blu Ray Discs, Videotapes or any analogue film can be processed.

2.1. Preview screening

  • For our preview screenings please send in data compressed video files in very good quality. The best standard is, H264 MP4 files with max. 720px and AAC Audio. We will also accept MOV or AVI files.
  • The maximum file size is 2 GB.
  • We do not accept DCP files for preview screenings (they are too big).
  • The far best way to submit your film is via online streaming or file download link (Vimeo, WeTransfer, MyDrive, Dropbox, GoogleDrive, etc.). Important: Do add a download button!  We need to be able to download the files.
  • If that is not possible we accept video files on DVD, BluRay, hard disk, SSD or USB memory stick, sent by ordinary mail. Though, we need to be able to directly copy them on our festival hard disk. DVDs and BluRay-Discs won’t be returned, but we will definitely give you back your hard disks, SSDs and memory sticks. Promise!
  • Please test download links and passwords in advance. Make sure your video file runs error free on ordinary media players. The passwords should work at least until the 31st of August.

2.2. Festival films

  • Once your film has been selected for the festival, we need a ProRes file. In some cases we can accept DCP files, too. Any data compressed video is not suitable for our big screen. Most ProRes/DCP files are too big for downloading. Be prepared to send them in by ordinary mail or enable an FTP transfer.
  • All films must have English subtitles. German and English films, too, must have English subtitles.

Our postal address

c/o Zebra Kommunales Kino Konstanz e.V.
Joseph-Belli-Weg 5


We will not be able to confirm the receipt of submissions or films. If your film is chosen for the festival we’ll be happy to inform you. Our acceptance will presumably be announced per email during the first half of September, 2020.

Screening and press material

With your application you grant the festival team the permission to use your film for the festival. Also you permit us to forward and use stills and clips of the films (max. length 60 sec.) for coverage and documentation in the press and in our own festival publications.


Deadline: will be announced here!